Useful Links

We have used these web resources and recommend them:
Large American medical resource site. Very extensive and like all things American and medical SCARY in terms of how crap we are over here.
PubMed - large journal and abstract data base and search facility. Useful when those SSMs are looming and you have zip to reference your hard won random thoughts.
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Otherwise known as 'what does you any good, you can't have'. Seriously though you may get asked about it in terms of what its function is (please email us if you find out), and as a good place to look up 'clever medicines' and their role. Don't spend too long here otherwise you may turn out a politician.
I love this site. Seriously you can have hours of fun here. Absolutely FAB for seeing lots of x-rays with explanations 10/10.
Scottish radiology site. Some nice tutorial stuff here. Very nice indeed.
The student BMJ. Just before finals/vivas, follow the links to the BIG BMJ and 'scan' the summary sections. Its all very topical and you never know?...
The British hypertension society. Very very good. OK I know it's a small area in terms of finals but hypertension will accost you for the rest of your professional life (unless you choose a non clinical specialty) what ever you do. This web site is reality trying to help you, in a sort of 'its okay to be stupid' kind of way! There are many resources here, my favourite being the down-loadable 'coronary risk calculator'. This is the user friendly version of those incomprehensible tables that appear in the back of the BNF.
The lancet.
The only surgical site here (we're not surgeons but many of our best friends are). An excellent site for students and qualified docs. Lots of high quality tuition. I found myself genuinely interested in the concept of a surgical diagnosis here.