'What does not kill me makes me stronger'
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832) German scientist and poet.

It is our view that a revision course should do more than simply enable you to pass. We also assume that you have done some work over the last few years and probably know twenty causes of clubbing already, but may not have in your mind for example, a structured approach to the causes and management of a patient with acute renal failure.

In addition to core curriculum subjects we aim to cover:

Many comments are made in the course feedback that candidates found the course days tiring and 'hard going', but worth it.

'There is only one standard in medicine, and that is the standard at which it occurs'

Final MB MCQ / EMQ Course in Medicine

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The format of the Final MB MCQ / EMQ day will be that of fast running information and discussion centred on typical past questions. Diagnosis, data interpretation, investigation and management of virtually all key topics will be covered. This has proved highly effective and popular. We like to encourage the atmosphere akin to that of a large tutorial, and questions are encouraged.

For the forthcoming year we are concentrating on the written part of the examination. A pre-course examination mock exam will be distributed before each weekend. On each weekend we will be covering material aimed at the written examination and clinical slide cases. The course folders will contain answers to the pre-course examinations and further question papers and answers. We aim to cover all key topic areas in the syllabus. We will also be covering key radiology and ECG diagnoses. Lunch will be provided. The course will start promptly at 9am.